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All you need is just your customized ॐMANTRAॐ

Mindsfocus Founder 

What I Do

I help people focus on their intention, I know there are a lot of ways you can try and learn from other gurus that help you focus. Does it work for a long time? Try mine.

I listen to your problems and customize your mantra

You might have this or that kind of problems that you can't focus to solve them and it leads to the thought that you think you are not good enough to compete but I told you it's not your fault it's your body vehicle problems to solve this you need...

Send me your voice samples.

Your body is not listening to your mind sometimes I am afraid to say so and what? Yes, our body is not acting the way we want it 100%. You set out your goal in life but years after you'll found that you are facing the same initial problems setting your new goals without any goals achieved yet...

I do my magic to turn it into your motivational mantra

You need this mantra to combine your body and your mind together. you'll find that it's not as difficult as your body tells you and you will be surprised by what you've accomplished even after a week...

Need Advice?

Do you feel at lost in your life time that you fail every time in every relationship and every career? You need to find out why you can’t shake off the bad attitude? It’s simple…

My life attitude technology

The body is a vehicle and it carries us to experience our life journey but we are not designed perfectly so we all need maintenance like a car. I designed my maintenance process and you may have yours too…




Insights from Bear on stabalizing your emotions 

whenever in any situations

“ My life is changed and it’s all that simple. Thank you Bear. ”
Christine Walters
“ Your brainwave mantra enhanced focus, and I nevermore felt this before. ”​
Marry Rose
Appreciate what you've done for me, and I will update my mantra. It's so intense.

My Story

I was born in Chongqing, China, where the city gets the nickname hot mountain because it’s sweltering in Summer. My family is ordinary, with my Mom working in a hospital and Dad working in a factory. I was just like everyone else in that city, full of curiosities. My 16 school years were spent in that city, and those were good memories. I was dreaming of being a scientist, but I chose Language as my major in university. Upon graduation, I was doing what everyone was doing…

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