5 Useful tips to have your focus back

It starts to become increasingly difficult to focus on things recently. As you might focus in the morning waking up, you feel gradually distracted when you procrastinate before moving to the fitness center to continue your classes. You are distracted by many things like your cellphone notice or ideas popping out randomly from your mind. How to have your focus back and implement your goal? Well, that’s easy unless you enhance these 5 points

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You can recover loss of focus, but it takes a tiny amount of time to learn the facts and causes. You might think it is unbelievable that you need to know and focus on why you can’t focus first. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you focus a lot better

1. Focus originate from long term vision

Your long-term vision is easy to obtain, and as a matter of fact, you get the idea early in the morning when you have a lucid dream, such as what you want to be when you grow up or how much money you want to earn in your future job. Here is the magic added in when you stick to your vision. Find a piece of paper, notebook, write them down or chop them down on your to-do list on your digital devices such as your smartphone or computer. Sometimes it is weird that you can’t capture your ideas quickly enough before they vanish. Guess why, and when you are wide awake, your body starts to kick in the emotion. Some of your ideas will be overwritten and removed, and the weirdest part is that sometimes you don’t even remember your first idea ultimately. And here, I recommend a recording app on your smartphone. Capture your popping ideas and write them down like a newborn baby. Be noted that the “NEWBORN” baby comes from your subconsciousness connected with Oneness.

2. Split your main visions into small ones

Do you think it’s vibrant to analyze your plan? Yes, it is. All you need to do is to grab a coffee and sit comfortably with your notebook or computer. Split your visions into small parts to be specific in each day. Here a to-do list is what you want precisely. It seems to be a big dream overall, but when you split it into many small parts, you’ll find it is not as hard as you thought, right? and when you finalize your week plan, don’t forget to visualize a prize to reward yourself if you accomplish your week plan.

3. Stop multitasking

Multitasking can make you feel good—the same amount of time but double productivity. Nevertheless, you will sacrifice your primary focus. You will be easily distracted. Multitasking will add unexpected variants to your primary focus.
You will feel good at first when you split your attention on two things profitable, but in the long run, you will feel exhausted, and the primary task will compromise for the secondary.
Focusing on one target seems hard at first, but the benefits to the amount of work you get done are worth it.
Don’t start anything else until you have finished the first one and then move on to the second one. This one trick will help you to become way more productive.

4. Meditate with mantra

Meditation is a powerful way to enhance focus. Our brain is processing data every day, the Mind is collaborating with the brain, and frequently brain generates fragments to distract our attention. Have you ever had this feeling that you can’t tell what is wrong with you but simply don’t want to move? Yes, fragments, including emotional abuse and faulty memories, are absorbing our focus. We need to clear them off like defragging the hard disk in your computer. And Try meditation, and it’s easy. To make it more powerful, you need your customized mantra. You will have a laser-targeted focus.

5. Build your "LOCAL"database

We all have two databases. One is “online” another one is “local”. We connect the “online database” when we are in the state of the spiritual realm. Meditation or lucid dreams are needed to enter the spiritual realm. From our “online database,” we acquire the data of decisions, experience, and vision. It simply tells us what we are going to experience and how. With the ideas from the “online database,” we analyze them with the “local database”- the reality. Please write down your proposals and popping ideas in your notebook or input them on your intelligent digital devices. A smartphone is the best option to list all the ideas. Now you have your “LOCAL”database. Track them by making notes. You will know what you have achieved or not yet precisely. Laser focus will be in your normal state.

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5 Useful tips to have your focus back

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