Have you ever come up with problems that you can’t stick to your willpower for a long time? Without consistency, you lost control over your newly formed habits. Everything went back to what it used to be. There are articles about staying focused with tips and tricks that you can find everywhere on the internet. Ambition and inspiration will fill you up the first time you read them. However, several days later, The prep words and encouraging articles seem not to work as well as they used to. And you sit back there with a dominance of procrastination and feeling of setback. Days after days, you lost your focus. Well, the reason is your mind is tired of the stimulant, and the motivation is not repeated enough. Your subconsciousness will only absorb orders from repetition. Not only repetition but also from different angles will work on this issue. I had a habit of writing notes about whatever inspired me or things I regard as important. Usually, the inspiration and plans come to my mind early in the morning when I’m about to wake up. My lucid dreams trigger massive ideas and emotions that I believe you have the same experience daily. I write them down on my lists, but I lost interest and focus on some of my plans after some time. So the same problems happen, and I look deep into it and realize that I feel different in those “local” and “online” self kind of state of being. How to stop this loop? It would help if you had a customized mantra.

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Listen with your headset

Tackle procrastination
Boost focus
Release depression


I listen to your problems and customize your mantra

You might have this or that kind of problems that you can’t focus on to solve them and it leads to the thought that you think you are not good enough to compete but I told you it’s not your fault, it’s your body vehicle problems. To solve this you need to be harmonic among your body and your mind.  To be in a focus like that you need to prepare yourself in five manners like below:
  •  Find a notebook or any digital device that you can chalk down the things you are worried about the most lately, It could be the debt you are not able to cover or employment. For whatever it is list them all where you can edit later on.
  • In these lists find out the urgent things you are about to solve in recent one week.
  • Use the “Focus Forward” mantra to find out things you are planning for this year. It could be the plans in longer terms like “I need to have my career stabilized within this year ” or “I need to find a girlfriend” like that.
  • Set a goal prize for yourself. It’s really important to prize yourself if you finish your target within your timeline. Your body needs this prize to be more cooperative with your mind and trust me.
  • Visualize your success using the “So Happy “mantra. In this mantra, you will enhance your subconsciousness. This subconsciousness will lead you to the next level of your life you will admire yourself in the future.


Send me your voice samples

Your body is not listening to your mind sometimes I am afraid to say so and what? Yes, our body is not acting the way we want it 100%. You set out your goals in life but years after you’ll found that you are facing the same initial problems setting your new goals without any goals achieved yet. So consequently you lost your focus and that’s the major reason why you feel so lost. You feel that you don’t have any passion for things you like and you don’t know what to do or how to do it. Your focus loss could be very dangerous because your body needs focus to stay comfortable like a car feels comfortable when it’s running. However, your subconsciousness will create some focuses to make your mind feel that you are still running toward some type of target which could be a total waste of time like:
  •   Overindulgence in video games oh yes game is good stuff it lets you feel alive and it’s easy to acquire pleasure at least your body feels so
  • More than enough food Yes you need more food than your body can use could trigger obesity
  • More caffeine will make you feel sober but sober for what?
  • Too much time spent in sex
In this case, I will help you build your mantra to organize your life and stay away from overindulging, simply record your voice command on your smartphone and send it to me and I’ll do the rest for you


I do my magic to turn it into your motivational mantra

This mantra will combine your body and your mind. you’ll find that it’s not as difficult as your body tells you and you will be surprised by what you’ve accomplished even after a week. But how does it work? Your subconsciousness can’t distinguish the dream and reality and you can click here to learn more about this. So you need to pipeline your command to let your subconsciousness materialize what is programmed. You will need to listen to your customized mantra, not one time may many times. 

  •  Your body will learn this command and embedded them as deep-rooted habits (habit is the real drive to success)
  • When you encounter difficulties or problems you will not think the way you used to instead you will think positively
  • You will magnify the reality you visualized in your meditation
  • You learn that there are two “I”s in your body and know better how to work with them more effectively



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