Follow your mind even if it may look so unreal at first

Have you ever came up with the problem that your brain sometimes produces a small fraction of ideas that you never take it seriously, but when things go far. You start to realize that the pictures your minds had previously delivered to you had become a reality.

Here are some of the reasons why you should follow your mind even if it’s so unreal, seemingly at first

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1.Download the ideas of guidance for your life

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your mind is an organ connected with the source of information based on the Akashic records. The records hold all the data from your birth to death. When you tune in with proper vibration, you will download the ideas of guidance for your life. Many of us had the Deja vu kind of experience before. And in a second, the scenario seems so familiar like it happened before, but you can’t be sure of it. And that’s when the Akashic records being downloaded. Similarly, sometimes a tiny idea pops out of your mind, and you neglect it like usual just because your physical mind can’t trust it and believe it’s going to work from a long-term perspective. Find a device and record it, and it could be a notebook at hand, smartphone, etc. I will type them into my smartphone and synchronize them with my database on my computer later on. These popping ideas are a fraction of pictures downloaded from your online self. And it’s so important. It holds the guidance that will facilitate you with the tips and precautions and help you achieve your life goal by offering you all the preparations to boost efficiency.

2. Accomplishing your popping ideas

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Accomplishing your popping ideas are helpful to gain more confidence in your local self. Our local self sometimes acts like a wild monkey out of control of our mind. The consequences will be like a serial killer who consumes your confidence and becomes a slave to your body vehicle. Your minds need accumulating confidence step by step. Like a little progress will make you feel better about yourself and gain a little control back from your local self. The more little confidence you get from what you did, the more power you obtain from your local self. Don’t forget to prize your local self a little bit. For me, I will set up a segment goal before continuing with another harder one. When I reached my first tiny target, I prize myself with a cigarette. I always feel so joyful to figure out what I am going to reward myself next time. So the process repeats with more challenging tasks and more expensive prizes. I admit the process might not be consecutive. And I lose confidence when I can’t solve the task facing me once in a while. But if you are in problems like me, you can collect spirit by challenging the popping ideas you recorded randomly. It works well.

3. Capture your winning chance

Your popping ideas will save you cost, time, and even your life. Some of your popping ideas sometimes tigers very informative warning before tragedy happens to you. Initially, the pictures seem so tiny, and you are not even able to collect them. And it emerges and disappears so quickly. I believe you must have the feeling before you don’t know what is wrong, but something does not feel right. But how can you magnify the small warning and record it in your notebook? For my experience, I installed an app that could record my voice note, and it’s on my phone screen where I can find it easily. So when I come up with tiny popping ideas, I will speak to my smartphone and record it quickly before it vanishes in my mind. And most importantly, we should have an open mind allowing our subconsciousness to talk to ourselves.

4. Manifest your own ideas

We will achieve our life goals more quickly if we organize and analyze the popping idea. The truth is we are educated to believe what most others believe is right. So this feature has fueled a commercial purpose these days by multiple media and profit-driven companies we are not even aware of. We are cultivated to believe that we need specific products or services to live better, and some of the products create problems you might never consider a problem before. Your money and energy are sucked out without any result. I believe you can picture many of these. The real reason I figure out it’s because your local self-dominance was dumped with ideas and manifestation for others but in the name of yours. To gain your control back from your local self, the best way to do it is to listen to your inner self and grab those popping ideas. Those popping ideas are your angels. The cost you take to manage your life better is to record them down and do it.

5. Boost your vibration

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You boost your vibration by listening to your inner self. Your online self connects with your local self through subconsciousness. When we are wide awake, we are not able to communicate with our subconsciousness. And subconsciousness is like the lower part of the iceberg, and the iceberg is floating on the water with a small part of the tip above water. The upper part is your consciousness above the water. We think with our consciousness, but habits are programmed in our subconsciousness. Our habits determine what our life will be like. I learned this from my experience quite a lot. And some of them are paid complex experience. So if you want to change your life, then change your habits. And if you’re going to change your habits, then wire and program your subconsciousness. So if you want to program and educate your subconsciousness, you can try the mantra. Please click here to learn more. Your change in habits is the reflection of subconsciousness alter. We can boost our vibration by educating our subconsciousness in a way we feel more peaceful in life.

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