How to maintain a good attitude and be calm and comfortable?

We are only vehicles to experience life with souls installed. Everything is written, and we read them along with our emotions. Our vehicle sometimes needs maintenance, and here are some tips to help you maintain a good attitude, calm and comfortable -Bear

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1.Be happy for others

“I have been awake and calm for 90 days. I like every minute of this period!” Don’t be angry with the person who said this. Maybe you have done this before. The feeling, it’s just that I’ve passed this feeling again. But perhaps you have never had such an experience. Even though you and I are angry at these people who laugh and see the world with pink glasses every day, we need to allow them to exist. We are experiencing the same pain, and we are all gradually recovering from this and another discomfort. It is a very remarkable thing that we slowly come out of the most challenging situation. If someone can successfully find happiness from this vicious circle, it is worth celebrating and even being grateful. This is to remind us that there is another form of life. It may only be 90 days or longer. Those optimistic attitudes condense our hope and yearning for the future.

2. Go outside for some activities

I believe that if I do all the things mentioned below, my life will be happier. Many studies have found that physical exercise can improve mood. I think that even those who deny climate change will admit that 30 minutes of exercise a day can improve a person’s life. As Allie Woods said in “The Lawful Beauty,” dopamine is produced during exercise. Dopamine can bring people happiness, and happy women don’t want to kill their husbands. Keeping pets is often a reason for you to go for a walk and breathe fresh air. In addition, if you are often kissed by a cute puppy, it will be difficult for you to be depressed.

3. Four questions

When you feel bad, ask yourself if you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. If you are unhappy all day or are struggling on the edge of depression, try to ask yourself these four questions. Assessing your current state is the beginning of caring for yourself. Asking yourself these four questions will not help you solve all problems, but it can help you prepare for dealing with them.

4. Make a list

I like to make a list. I list all the things I can and cannot do. I firmly believe that writing things down can help people reduce anxiety. Of course, this is also a direct way to solve problems. In the book “Feeling Good,” author David Burns briefly describes evaluating negative emotions and writing them down. This method is widespread in cognitive behavioral therapy, focusing on assessing seemingly impossible things and objectively analyzing our thoughts and emotions. There are many similar lists or forms available online for your use. This book summarizes the various forms of cognitive distortions and how to deal with them effectively. Although this is mainly aimed at people with depression, anyone who feels that their emotions are ups and downs like a roller coaster can also give it a try.

5. Reduce pressure for yourself

When I feel unable to organize things in an orderly manner, I usually want to do too many things and finish them as quickly as possible. Although I am efficient, I still need to admit that I am ordinary. TV series, movies, books, etc., we have many ways of leisure and entertainment. Still, it is difficult for us to stop and really enjoy them. Watching TV or reading novels will not break the original peace of your life. Still, you need to adjust your emotions to the actual state after the entertainment.

6. Get out of your own world to help others

When people talk about helping others, they usually mean helping those who are intoxicated get sober. Although this is very valuable and well paid, it is not the only way to go out of our own world and serve others. Call those friends who are in trouble. Suppose you are an embarrassing patient with advanced cancer. In that case, you can go to animal clinic to be a volunteer. There is nothing more heart-warming than watching a puppy recover from trauma. I know that when your own life is in a mess, it is tough to pay for others, but this is precisely the best way for you to soothe your wounds.

7. Always think about your achievements

Think about how you were before you recovered. Maybe you needed to drink two glasses of vodka a day to get by. Maybe at that time you woke up in a strange place and saw many strangers but didn’t know how you ran away from home. No matter how painful you are at the bottom of your life, being in a state of gradual recovery means that your life will get better and better. Yes, your work, emotional, and life problems arise because you live in this world. But these problems are trivial when compared to the addiction of getting into an auto-navigation state. As your self-recover, you are gradually building your own world and are no longer bound by addiction. Don’t destroy the entire toy tower just because you lose a piece of Lego.

8. Call a friend

In a bad situation, the most crucial element is those friends in the same situation as you. Those friends make you feel that you are no longer alone.

9. The power of meditation

I am not good at meditation at first, just like exercise. I knew it was perfect for me, but I didn’t do it. The problem is that the word “meditation” itself makes me feel a bit Buddhist, so I practiced a small exercise called “quiet time.” This sounds like content taught in kindergarten, so it sounds more applicable to me. Every morning, I will take a few minutes to leave my phone at home and lead the dog alone to go for a run in the mountains behind the house. This does not exercise for me because only the dog is running. Go into the bushes to defecate. In those few minutes, I can stop my brain from running fast and appreciate what is happening every moment. When my life is messy, I will take my puppy up the mountain and take a bath. I will feel more peaceful.

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