How to tackle procrastination

Procrastination is what everybody encounters every day. You are waiting for the last-minute excuse before catching the fitness class which you are supposed to be there every Thursday. Or you could be in a scenario like that you can’t make up your mind to afford the 300 dollars investment you have already proposed in your plan big since last Monday. If you come up with the problem, please keep reading.

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What causes this hesitation? since you have such strong willpower two days ago after reading the how-to type of articles stopping your procrastination? To understand the cause, you must know that there are two of you living in the body. One is the “online self,” and another is the “local self.” both selves collaborate through subconsciousness. The more you train your subconsciousness, the more willpower you acquire to change your habits. However, if we bombard the subconsciousness, then we will obtain enough willpower to change practices. So here are some tips and tricks to boost your subconsciousness.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a good practice to enhance your subconsciousness. Your subconsciousness can only be programmed when you are in the state of the spiritual brainwave. Your brain produces a swarm of ideas and a flash of memories every second when you are wide awake. Subconsciousness is like a shy baby wrapped deep down, and you can’t talk to it unless you reduce your wakening thoughts. decreasing your brain activities seems complicated at the first time as it might sound, but you get experience when you practice more

2. Customize your mantra

Once you are getting experienced in meditation, the next step will be way more accessible and powerful. Write down the goal with positive wording on a sheet of paper. Read it out loud and then modify the sentences to make them shorter. Repeat the process several times until you can not make the sentence short any longer. Congratulation, this is your mantra. Repeat chanting the mantra. Here is the magic it starts to work on you. Your subconsciousness will absorb the orders only from repetition. Here I prepare the “look forward” mantra. Please click here to try.

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How to tackle procrastination

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